Everything’s coming up rosa mexicana

I love it, but the cabbies aren’t said to be too happy. Mexico City is one of my favorite places and as if I needed any further incentive to visit than transportation that coordinates with my luggage, Out Traveler reports that the DF’s mayor has decreed that by 2018, all taxicabs must be painted “rosa mexicana”… that’s pink, to us gringos.
The DF’s taxis have always operated in a color-coded hierarchy. Everybody knew that the officially-sanctioned white cabs that you got at taxi stands or on the phone were the safest, the red-and-gold-painted street taxis somewhat less so… and that hailing any of the bright green VW taxis that used to blanket the streets meant that you were just looking for trouble (although those are fast disappearing).
The cabbies are complaining that the color is ugly and the demand unnecessarily expensive, since the official colors change every few years, and that with all cabs painted pink, it will be more difficult for travelers to differentiate between official and unofficial cabs.
Now it seems that you will always get a pretty pink cab, whether from your concierge, the bouncer or your thumb. Pay attention! Or conoce la nueva cromatica, if you will.
And as an added plus, all the city buses are to be painted purple. Soon, I hope.

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