Lonely Planet’s gay top 10

Although Lonely Planet’s recommendations are sometimes a little young for me, they published their list of the 10 most gay-friendly destinations on the planet.
Copenhagen, at number one, and Berlin, at number six, were already on the list of places I want to go (and haven’t been).
skiathos port
And though I had never really thought seriously about visiting Greece, gorgeous photos of the Greek islands, particularly Skiathos and Mykonos (which come in at number seven), may force me to add Greece to the bucket list. Sun and sand and ferries…and I love me some Greeks.

Award travel on US carriers to the islands, or even Athens, is a connection nightmare. But Paris or London with a switchover to Easyjet looks like an attractive alternative, as long as you aren’t packing anything bigger than a carry-on (see Getting Older and Getting Real). Time to start looking for flights?
Anybody interested?

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