Why this gay man travels

Travel can be frustrating and uncomfortable. So can driving in traffic, having sex or shopping for jeans.
 I read debates about whether or not travel is glamorous. I think it is.
 I try not to confuse ‘glamour’ with ‘exclusivity’, I don’t believe that travel is glamorous only when it comes with privilege and I don’t value the flight over the destination.
No matter where I sit on the plane, I can’t wait to get off and actually start traveling.
I do not travel to have a seat that reclines into a fully-flat bed. I have a fully-flat bed at home.
I do not travel to get free drinks or snacks at the airport lounge. Drinks and snacks are pretty cheap.
I do not travel to eat well on a plane. Pre-prepared food served in a pressurized metal box.
I do travel to experience new places, people and things.
I do travel to carry the person that I would like to be in a plastic case weighing less than fifty pounds.
I do travel to eat things that I will probably regret and to do things that I will definitely regret.
According to Merriam-Webster, glamour is ‘an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness’ or ‘a magic spell’. Travel is both of these to me. I will never forget the look of Venice mantled in a heavy spring fog, but I would be hard-pressed now to tell you which airline took me there.

“Never lose the child like wonder… Time is all you have. And you may find one day that you have less than you think.” – Randy Pausch

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